Association Services

We pride ourselves in maintaining pristine conditions for our commercial properties through regular inspections, proactive preventative maintenance and working with reputable professional contract vendors. We provide the following services:

  • Responsive Service
  • Annual Operating Budgets
  • Aggressive Receivables Collection
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Positive Tenant Relations
  • Maintenance Expertise
  • Supervision of Property Vendors
  • Maintain Complete & Detailed Lease Files
  • Developmental Team Contribution
  • Acquisition & Disposition Strategies
  • Investor Management/Reporting
  • Associated Legal Processes
  • Analysis & Monitoring of Ad Valorem Tax Appeal Process
  • Analysis & Monitoring of Insurance Bid & Claim Process
  • Value Creation through Ancillary Opportunities

Accounting & Financial

Tradd Management understands the importance of a highly skilled account receivables department. We can customize Financial Reports to meet each individual client’s needs. Tradd Management offers Reconciliation Reports, Cash Flow Projection and Owner Distributions, Accounting Services include:

  • Accurate, Detailed and Customized Financial Reporting
  • Monthly Budget Variance Analysis
  • Monthly Receivables/Aging Report
  • Monthly Rent Rolls/Rent Statements
  • Expense Reconciliation
  • Tenant Account Auditing
  • Coordinating Property Audits
  • Year-end Reporting
  • Develop Operating Budget
  • Cash Management, including money market and checking account maintenance


It is important to respond to a tenant’s call efficiently and promptly. Our tenants appreciate our concern and expect our expertise in making necessary repairs. Our maintenance personnel are friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, service-oriented and follow through expediently.

Maintenance Services include:

  • Responding to tenant service calls
  • Directly resolving owner required repairs
  • Enhancing relationships with tenants and vendors
  • Implementing cost effective maintenance for properties
  • Available on hourly "as needed" basis or fixed monthly allocation

Risk Management

We understand the need for owners to reduce the liabilities associated with income-producing and investment properties. Owners can rest assured that our meticulous quality control process can reduce the likelihood of unforeseen future costs and expense items. Risk Management Services include:

  • Institute Preventative and Maintenance Programs
  • Insure Compliance with Local Codes
  • Bid and Award Service Contracts
  • Storm Preparation & Emergency Planning

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