Our Culture

Commitment To Excellence

At Tradd Management, we believe that every day gives us another chance to strive for perfection, to take the next step, the extra moment…to do what is right, pure and beneficial for all. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our professional capacities into every aspect of our daily lives.

We believe that a life well-lived in the commitment to excellence is the only alternative. We set firm foundations in place through learning, devotion and sharing within our community. Upon this base, we strive to craft all that is dynamic, expansive and actualizing. Our team members work together to map common aspirations. We pledge ourselves to their achievement. And we desire nothing more than to share this bounty with others.

Excellence defines our interactions amongst ourselves and the world around us. We believe there is always another step, another vision to be attained and we are firm in our commitment to share this with those we serve in all capacities.

Community Involvement

Tradd Management has a strong belief in defining character through contribution and activism in our communities. Our Company prides itself on being an advocate for all of the communities in which we operate. At both a corporate and an individual level, we are proud to support numerous charitable organizations and community enrichment programs.

Tradd Management has a rotating position for its chief facilitator of community involvement. Their responsibilities include mapping out and developing our corporate community involvement goals, allocating resources across our commitment base and maximizing the focus of our time and financial commitments.

Guiding Principles

  1. I will strive to be my best and exceed customer & client expectations.
  2. I will be a team player and subscribe to being part of something bigger than myself.
  3. I will see the best in people and be forgiving versus judgmental.
  4. I will maintain a strong work ethic and constantly grow in my profession.
  5. I will enrich my community through service.
  6. I will exhibit humility.
  7. I will maintain a balanced lifestyle, placing faith and family first.
  8. I will be thankful for the gift of today and the opportunity to serve and fulfill my life’s purpose.
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